Areas of Practice

Divorce Cases

Navigating the complexities of divorce with empathy and expertise, ensuring a path towards a new beginning.

Family Cases

Resolving family matters with compassion and strategic guidance, fostering harmony and brighter futures.

Criminal Cases

When it comes to criminal cases, lawyers have specific objectives related to the defense.

Corporate Cases

Providing expert legal counsel for corporate complexities, safeguarding business interests and growth.

Matrimonial Cases

Matrimonial CasesIn matrimonial cases, which involve legal matters related to marriage.

Inheritance Cases

When a person dies without a valid will, the distribution of their assets is determined by the laws of intestate.

Industrial Cases

Wrongful termination cases occur when an employee believes they were unjustly fired or dismissed from.

Public Interest Litigations

Public Interest Advocacy: Public interest advocates or lawyers often take up PIL cases voluntarily.

Writ Cases

Writ cases involve the use of writs, which are formal written orders issued by a higher court to a lower court.

Financial Cases

Financial cases encompass a wide range of legal matters related to financial transactions, disputes.

Tort Cases

Providing legal expert counsel regarding tortious offences and issues, safeguarding both individual and business rights and interest.

Copyrights Cases

Copyright cases involve legal disputes related to the protection of intellectual property rights over creative works.

Child Adoption Cases

Child adoption cases involve legal proceedings related to the process of adopting a child and establishing.

Debt Recovery Tribunal

The Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT) is a specialized tribunal in India that handles cases related to the recovery.

Business Dispute Cases

Business dispute cases encompass legal conflicts that arise between individuals, companies.

Land Cases

Land cases involve legal disputes or matters concerning land ownership, land use, property rights, or conflicts.

Trade Mark Cases

Trademark cases involve legal disputes related to the protection, infringement, or enforcement of trademark rights.

Labour Cases

Labour cases involve legal disputes or matters concerning the rights and obligations of employees.

Tenancy Cases

Assisting landlords or tenants in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating lease agreements to ensure.

Arbitration Cases

As Gunjan Bhartwaj, Advocate, specializing in arbitration cases, you would handle legal matters related.

Contempt of Court Cases

Addressing cases where individuals or entities have made contemptuous statements about the court.

Central Administrative Tribunal Cases

Assessing the merits of potential medical negligence cases by reviewing medical records, consulting.

Medical Negligence Cases

As Gunjan Bhartwaj, Advocate specializing in patent cases, you would handle legal matters related.

Patent Cases

Representing clients in patent infringement lawsuits, where it is alleged that a third party has made.

Property Cases

Representing clients in disputes over property ownership, boundary disputes, adverse possession claims.

Firm Registration

Firm registration refers to the process of formally establishing a business entity or partnership.

Recovery Cases

Assist clients in sending legal notices to debtors, demanding payment of outstanding dues and highlighting.

Human Rights Cases

Assisting victims or families in cases involving extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances.

Electricity Cases

Review, negotiate, and draft power purchase agreements between electricity generators and purchasers.

Bail Cases

Bail cases involve legal matters related to the granting or denial of bail to individuals who have been arrested.

Insurance Cases

Insurance cases involve legal matters related to insurance contracts, claims, disputes, and regulatory issues

Company Registration

Name Reservation: Assist clients in selecting a unique and suitable name for their company.Conduct.

Trade Mark Registration

Trademark registration involves the legal process of obtaining exclusive rights to a trademark or brand name.

Child Adoption Cases

Provide clients with comprehensive legal guidance on the adoption process, explaining the legal.

Business Dispute Cases

In business dispute cases, as Gunjan Bhartwaj, Advocate, your objectives would be to provide legal.

Banking Cases

Meet with clients to understand their specific banking-related issues, concerns, and objectives.

Cheque Bouncing Cases

In cheque bouncing cases, as Gunjan Bhartwaj, Advocate, your objectives would be to provide legal.

Conciliation Cases

In conciliation cases, as Gunjan Bhartwaj, Advocate, your objectives would be to facilitate the resolution.

Consumer Protection Cases

Provide comprehensive legal advice to clients on their rights and options under consumer protection.

International Cases

Determine the applicable jurisdiction(s) and legal framework for the case. Analyze the laws, treaties..

Service Cases

In service cases, as Gunjan Bhartwaj, Advocate, your objectives would be to provide legal representation.

Company Cases

Assist clients in the formation and incorporation of companies. Advise on the appropriate legal structure.







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