Adoption & Surrogacy

Adoption & Surrogacy

We specialize in guiding individuals and couples through the profound journey of adoption and surrogacy. Adoption, a beautiful legal process, allows individuals or couples to embrace the legal rights and responsibilities of a child, even if not biologically related, and welcome them into their loving home as their own.

At Gunjan Bhardwaj & Associates, we understand the significance of this life-changing decision. Prospective adoptive parents can trust our experienced team to facilitate the home study evaluation, conducted by a skilled social worker, to assess suitability and readiness for adoption. We are dedicated to ensuring a smooth and supportive process, leading you towards building a nurturing and caring family.

In adoption, once approved, we take immense pride in expertly matching adoptive parents with a child through an adoption agency or facilitator. Witnessing the placement of a child with loving parents is a joyous moment, and we stand by your side during the period of adjustment and bonding.

Additionally, our services extend to surrogacy, another exceptional pathway for individuals or couples to build and expand their families. We provide comprehensive guidance throughout the surrogacy process, ensuring clarity and ease in every step.

If you are considering adoption or surrogacy to fulfill your dream of parenthood, Gunjan Bhardwaj & Associates is here to walk with you on this transformative journey. With our expertise and heartfelt commitment, let us help you navigate the legal intricacies and embrace the joy of building a loving family. Together, we will create a brighter future for you and your child.







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